Outdoor Signs

Monument Signs

Monument Signs cover a wide array of signage.  Their bases can be made of Masonry, Stone, Brick, Stucco, Aluminum, Foam, Wood or any combination of these materials.  Usually they are permanent signs with footings.  They are usually 3D in nature and are designed to fit the character and scope of the development or commercial property they sit in front of.  Commonly referred to as Entrance Feature Signs or Entry Signs, Monument Signs can be either double-sided or sit on opposite sides of the entrance way to a Property.  Monument Signs can be an Electric Sign (Electrical Sign), an Illuminated Sign, a Back Lit Sign or a Non-Illuminated Sign – whatever suits your needs.  Monuments can also have addresses on them, along with Aluminum Letters, Aluminum Plaques, Brass Letters, Bronze Letters, Bronze Plaques, Cast Metal Letters, Carved Wood Signs, Cedar Signs, Changeable Message Signs, Channel Letters, Dimensional Letters Electronic Message Boards, Flat Cut Acrylic Letters, Flat Cut Metal Letters, Laser Cut Acrylic Letters, Laser Cut Metal Letters, Gemini Letters, HDU Carved Signs, HDU Sandblasted Signs, Individual Letters, Recessed Letters, Led message Centers, Led Channel Letters, Light Box Signs, Minnesota Letters, Pierced Face Signs, Plastic Letters, Routed Signs, Raised Letters, Redwood Signs, Reverse Channel Letters, Sandblasted signs, Pan Faced Signs, Sign Faces, Wood Signs, Waterjet Cut Metal Letters - all mounted onto a Monument Sign to customize it just for you.


Some great locations to place Monument Signs are at Residential Development Entrances, Apartment Complex Entrances, Banks, Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Mall Entrances, Building Entrances, Commercial Property Entrances, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels, Churches, Temples, Synagogues and any other location that wants to professionally announce itself to the public.  Please call us for a site survey for all your sign needs.  We will come out to your location, survey your property, discuss Building Codes for your area, provide a free estimate and assist you each step of the way with every phase from sign design through sign installation.  We’re your local Sign Professionals!

Illuminated Signs

Drive traffic to your business with Illuminated Signs.  These signs are the workhorses of the sign industry for retail locations.  Day or night, illuminated signs are easy to see, broadcasting your location 24/7.  From budget light boxes to sophisticated electronic digital signage with changeable message displays, we can help find a solution that works for your location and budget.   Ever popular Channel Letters are another great example of Illuminated Signs.  Channel Letters come in Neon as Front Lit Channel Letters, Back Lit Channel Letters, Open Face Channel Letters, Reverse Channel Letters and combinations of Front Lit & Back Lit Channel Letters.  Today, Channel Letters also come in L.E.D. as Front Lit Channel Letters, Back Lit Channel Letters, Open Face Channel Letters, Reverse Channel Letters and combinations of Front Lit & Back Lit Channel Letters.  L.E.D. Channel letters are considered green because they use up to 60% less electricity than Neon Channel Letters, require less maintenance and usually last longer in harsh climates.  L.E.D. Channel Letters are also low voltage, which make them easier and therefore less expensive to install.  Although they cost a bit more to purchase, L.E.D. Channel Letters cost so much less to operate, that you can usually recoup the extra cost in utility savings during the first year.  Why not invite us to your business for a Sign Consultation, to see how either a new L.E.D. Sign or a conversion to L.E.D. for your existing sign can benefit you and the environment today?

Wood Signs

Wood Signs have been a sign industry standard.  Carved, Routed or Sand-Blasted, these types of signs have a classic elegance.  Often seen in quaint little tourist towns these signs will dress up any Storefront, Restaurant, Inn, Hotel or any other property that needs an “historic touch”.  New wood-like products that look like wood but are actually a High Density Urethane (HDU) , allow you to have the traditional wood look without the maintenance.  HDU will not rot, peel or crack like wood, but can be Routed, Carved or Sand Blasted just like Wood.  Other new metal-plastic composites are also available for use in extreme climates and make a great sign when combined with Full Color Digital Imaging – a faux version of the classic Wood Sign, available at a lower cost.  Signs for every budget.

Lawn Signs, Site Signs, Job Site Signs

Commonly used by Architects, Banks, Commercial Real Estate Companies, Construction Companies, Contractors, Developers, Political Candidates, Real Estate Agencies and more.  Lawn signs are often referred to as Site Signs or Job Site Signs. They are a cost effective way to get your message across in a big way.  We design signs from the simple with just text; to the colorful with logos and to the extreme with full color graphics, site plans, site maps and even photographs.  Ask us to design and make your sign for the best looking sign in the neighborhood.

Directional and Way Finding

Directional and Wayfinding signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner.  Keeping your signs consistent and branded leaves a positive and lasting impression. We can even help you meet your Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements for Interior ADA Signs, while helping smooth out the pedestrian traffic flow within your building.  Wayfinding Signs come in a variety of materials that offer long service times, while branding your locations.  Popular substrates are:  Aluminum Signs, Engraved Signs, Phenolic Signs, Carved Signs, Routed Signs, Sandblasted Signs, Wood Signs, HDU (High Density Urethane) Signs and so many more.  SIGNARAMA is your Directional & Wayfinding Signage experts.  No matter where you need to move people, SIGNARAMA has a creative, good looking sign to meet your budget.

Real Estate Sign

A Real Estate Sign is usually held by a black metal Real Estate Frame, a black metal Real Estate Stake or a Real Estate Arm.  Occasionally, they are held by a Step Stake.  Typical sign materials for a Real Estate Sign are Corex (or Coroplast), Aluminum and PVC.  These signs can be single-sided or double-sided and may also be Reflective.  A Real Estate Sign can be a stand alone or have Real Estate Riders with them.  There can be a Rider on the top, a Rider on the bottom or a Rider on both.  Real Estate Signs can help sell a property or can also double as a Contractor Sign.   Plumber Signs, Electrician Signs, Roofer Signs, Carpenter Signs, Landscaper Signs, Painter Signs are all signs used by Tradesmen to advertise their businesses.


Neon Signs

Neon Signs are a long standing tradition for many businesses.  From the standard Open/Closed Sign to Custom Neon Signs that display your specific message, the ultra bright colors are a very effective way to get your message out there.  Neon Signs light brightly during the day, but really shine at night.  Neon is also used in Channel Letters, Backlit Signs, Open Faced Channel Letters and Reverse Channel Letters.  The glass tubing is very flexible, so almost any message can be created.  Although many Neon products are used outside, they are also used inside -  shining out through your window for the world to see.  Think Window Border Neon to attract attention to your Storefront, using bright color to frame the window.  Looks nice during the day – looks awesome at night !  And many of these signs that are available in Neon are now available in L.E.D. – ask us how to make your sign using L.E.D. so that you can save on maintenance and your electric bill, using today’s bright L.E.D. colors.

Side Walk Signs

A Frames:  An ‘A Frame’ sign is a sign frame in the shape of an A (also called Sandwich Boards).  Each Plasticade A Frame or Black Metal A Frame holds 2 single-sided signs made from either Corex (also called Coroplast) or PVC. Either product is a good material for a Temporary A Frame Sign.  Each sign can either be made from 3M Vinyl, Arlon Vinyl, Avery Vinyl, Oracal Vinyl or may be Digitally Printed & Laminated.  They are small, lightweight, portable and impactful.  The perfect Small Business Sign or Store Front Sign.  Another type of A Frame Sign is the Wind Master Sign, which comes in a special Frame for high wind areas. This special Frame is called a Wind Master Frame.



Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are used to direct vehicular traffic flow, guiding travelers to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified and professional manner or simply meet D.O.T. or F.D.O.T. requirements.  Usually traffic signs are made of thick aluminum to the standard of the State you live in.  Many, but not all, are reflective which helps vehicles move as easily at night as they do during the day, without the expense of Illuminated Signs. Some examples of Traffic Signs are:  Stop Signs, Speed Limit Signs, Safety Signs such as School Crossing, Warning Signs such as Lane Shift Ahead, Yield Signs, Street Signs, Decorative Street Signs, Address Signs to help Public Safety professionals find your home during Emergencies.  Other examples of Traffic Signs are: Apartments Number Signs and Building Number Signs too, School Zone Signs, Church Signs, Regulatory Signs, Directional Signs, and Highway Signs.  We also carry the U-Channel Posts and Wind Master Frames that most Traffic Signs are mounted to, along with all of the hardware you will need to get your Project properly signed for all inspections required.  In upscale residential developments, many of the signs mentioned above are made of HDU (High Density Urethane).  This offers more dimensional characteristics and suits those who must meet code, but still want to have a say in the style of the signs that are used in their communities.  There are many decorative Street Signs styles to choose from and we’re sure that we will be able to assist you in selecting those best suited to your Development, be it brand new or undergoing renovations.  And if your city or town requires special labels on the backs of your signs, don’t worry we can make those Decals for you too.

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